6 Apr

Review 1        : Homework

Review 2        :




70 years old
a professor
Jl. Bawal No.1

Review 3        : Translate into English

1.         Nama saya bukan Ali                         6.         Saya bukan seorang petani (farmer)

2.         Tapi nama saya Budi                          7.         Tetapi saya seorang pelajar

3.         B-U-D-I                                               8.         Alamat saya bukan Jl. Pari No.2

4.         Saya bukan umur 60 tahun                9.         Tapi alamat saya Jl. Bawal No.1

5.         Tetapi saya umur 16 tahun                 10.       Nomer Telp. saya 123456

Section 1        : Pronunciation

[ ð ]

they                 day

then                 den

though             dough

that                  death

those               doze












Practice 1

My name is Carlo. They are my brothers, Pill and Tom.

This is my father Mr. Pete and that is my mother Mrs. Katty

My brothers and I are always together. We are now with my father

in the car. Look, that is Jerry. It is my cat. It is in the park now

Yes, we all love pets

Practice 2       :

1.         do you have a new zither/zipper?

2.         are you able to close/clothe it?

3.         I can see the baby is teething/teasing

4.         after the accidet, they soothed/sued him

5.         the jockey was riding/writhing with his broken leg

6.         I have never known anyone worthier/wordier

7.         The farmer was seething/seeding last night

8.         does a donkey bathe/bay?

9.         those/toes are short and stubby

10.       it was not as indistinguishable as the other/utter

Section 2        : Personal Identity (2)


Pertanyaan tersebut bisa diuraikan menjadi

What’s your ______ (first name, middle name, lastname, surname, nickname)

(job, position, office address, school address, home address)

(hobby, postal code, ID number, marrital status, religion)

William Warren Kimberly Smith

  • My fullname is William Warren Kimberly Smith
  • My firstname is William
  • My middle name is Warren
  • My lastname is Kimberly
  • My surname is Smith
  • My nickname is Bill

notice :

Richard           – dick

William                        – bill

Margareth       – maggy

Robert             – bob

Elizabeth         – beth/betty

Practice 3       : Please retell the story

1. Richard Collin Carter Smith

2. Richard

3. Collin

4. Carter

5. Smith

6. Dick

7. 48 years old

8. a teacher

9. catholic

10. married

11. Jl Yos Sudarso No.1

12. Jl. Paus No.3

13. 02143922427

14. music and chess

15. Cancer

16. gado-gado

17. Jazz

18. Comedy films

That’s all about me. Thank you very much

Practice 4       : Answer these questions

Practice 5       : Substitute the above story with your own data, memorize it then retell it

Practice 6       : Answer the following questions

1.         Is your name Carlo?                           21.       What’s your phone number?

2.         What’s your name?                             22.       What’s your zodiac?

3.         What’s your fullname?                        23        Is your favorite food Spaghetti?

4.         Is your firstname Jacko?                    24.       What’s your favorite food?

5.         Is your firstname Djingo?                    25        .Is your favorite music Salsa?

6.         What’s your firstname?                       26.       What’s your favorite music?

7.         What’s your middle name?                 27.       What’s your favorite film?

8.         Is your nickname Bob?                       28.       By the way, are you a manager?

9.         What’s your nickname?                      29        What’s your position in your office?

10.       Are you 70 years old?                         30.       What’s your office address?

11        How old are you?

12.       Are you a professor?

13.       What’s your job?

14.       Are you an atheist?

15.       What’s your religion?

16.       Are you divorced?

17.       What’s your marrital status?

18.       Is your home address Jl. Bawal No.1?

19.       What’s your home address?

20.       Is your phone number 1234?


divorced          – bercerai                                 hinduism                                  – hindu

single parent    – bercerai                                 retired                                      – pensiun

widow              – janda                                     government employee            – Peg. Negeri

widower           – duda

single               – sendiri

budhism          – agama budha

A song to practice

The More We Get Together

The more we get together,together, together

The more we get togetherthe happier will be

For your friends are my friendsAnd my friends are your friends

So the more we get together The happier will be


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